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Description This is an Australian monster.  It exists in Aboriginal stories and art, as well as in modern reports.  Descriptions vary widely- the Aborigines describe it as having tusks, flippers, and a tail like a horse.  The Aboriginal Bunyip lived in or near water such as creeks and pools from dried up river beds (billabongs.) 

The Bunyip is supposed to emerge at night to prey on animals, and women and children.  It gives a loud bellowing cry if approached.  When the Aborigines hear the cry, they stay away from the water.

More recent accounts vary widely in their descriptions, ranging from hairy, scaled, feathered, fur, long tail, long neck, horse head, bird head etc...


From Aboriginal myth and more recent sightings.  Bunyip are commonly featured in Australian children's stories.  There were many "sightings" in the 1930's during the Depression.


Might Actually be There are three main theories about the Bunyip:

One is that it was a Diprotodon, an Ice-Age marsupial that co-existed with the early Aborigines before becoming extinct. Another theory is that Bunyips are seals, that somehow made it far inland, or crocodiles.  A third explanation is that many tramps and vagrants took to the road during the depression, and may have been living near bodies of water to survive, perpetuating the myth of the Bunyip.


Links Picture of a Diprotodon from an Australian stamp.






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