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Ancient Egyptian Gods and Creatures

Anubis- head of a jackal, or wolf.  Associated with preparations after death. Apis - head of a bull (like a Minotaur.)  Associated with Osiris and the moon. Sacred bulls were kept in Memphis. Athor - head of a cow.  Associated with the "Eye of Ra". Goddess of joy and love.
Axex - a hawk's head on a quadruped body.


Bast - goddess with the head of a lioness or cat.  Associated with fertility.


Chnounmis - head of a ram. One of the highest ranking gods.


Heh - snake headed goddess.


Horus - head of a hawk.  Associated with the sky.


Ka - head of a frog. Associated with birth and procreation.


Nubti -  Has square-topped ears. Evil being. Associated with lower Egypt.


Sebak- head of a crocodile.


Sta - head of an asp on a quadruped body.


  Thoth - head of a Ibis.  associated with wisdom, writing, and the moon.



 Links for more info:  http://www.nemo.nu/ibisportal/0egyptintro/1egypt/index.htm



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