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Description A winged horse with the head and claws of an eagle. (The head, wings and front legs of a griffin, and the back legs of a horse.)


Features An elusive creature that can fly long distances at high altitudes. From the Riphaean mountains.


Also called Simoorgh or Simurgh or Senmurv - the Persian version, sometimes featured as a cross between a dog or lion and a huge bird.


Described By:

Epic poems of Saadi and Ferdusi. 

Milton-  "So saying he caught him up, and without wing  Of hippogrif, bore through the air sublime  Over the wilderness and o'er the plain." ( Paradise Regained)

Thomas Bulfinch- "Like a griffin, he had the head of an eagle, claws armed with talons, and wings covered with feathers, the rest of his body being that of a horse. This strange animal is called a Hippogriff."  (Legends of Charlemagne)


Meaning Griffins and horses were supposed to be mortal enemies.  The Hippogriff symbolizes an impossible thing.  There is an old expression  "Jungentur jam grypes equis" which means  "To cross griffons with horses", indicating an impossible scenario.




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