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Mythical Creatures


Biblical Beings- Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Tetramorph, and others..
Serpents & Dragons-  Dragons, Amphiptere, Amphisbaena, Basilisk, Chimera, Cockatrice,  Hydra, Gorgon, Wyvern (also Lindworm), and others...
Part-Human creatures- Centaur, Harpies, Ipotane, Lamia, Manticore (and Catoblepas and Leucrocuta), Moon-Woman, Satyr, Sphinx, and others...
Winged Beasts-Caladrius, Gansas, Griffin,   Goose Tree,   Hippogriff,    Martlet (and Bird of Paradise), Opinicus, Pegasus, PerytonPhoenix, Rocand others...
Land Beasts- Bonnacon, Bunyip, CerberusGulon, Ibex, Lamb Tree, Mantygre, MermecolionMusimon, Salamander, Su Unicorn, Yale, Yppotryll, and others...
Sea Creatures- Devil Whale, Kraken, NereidMermaidScylla, SirenSea Bishop, Sea Monk, Sea Horse, Sea Lion, Sea Serpent, Siren, and others...

Other Topics: 

"Anthropologists often refer to rationality as the myth of modern society, for, like primitive myth, it provides us with a comprehensive frame of reference, or structure of belief, through which we can negotiate day-to-day experience and help to make it intelligible."   Gareth Morgan- Images of Organization.


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