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Description  Small dragon with no wings.


Also Called Lindorm, Lind-wurm


Reported by Marco Polo- Marco Polo reported seeing lindworms on the steppes of Central Asia. 


Additional Info "Lindorm" were supposedly very large and ate cattle and bodies.   They would also invade churches and churchyards. 

In legend, as told in the Niebelungen Lied, the hero Siegfried  conquered a  "lind-wurm" that lived near the town of Worms in Germany.  Another German tale from the 1200's  tells of  a lindworm that lived near Klagenfurt.   Flooding threatened travelers along the river, and the presence of a dragon was blamed. The story tells that a Duke offered a reward for anyone who could catch it, so some young men tied a bull to a chain, and when the lindworm swallowed the bull, it was hooked like a fish, and killed.   In 1335, when the skull of a wooly rhinoceros was found in a cave nearby, it was believed to be a dragon's skull.


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