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Monocoli, or Sciapodae

Ctesias tells of a race of men with one foot called Monocoli (from the Greek, "having one leg.")  They are also called Sciapodae (from the Greek, "making a shadow with his foot.") These men would shade themselves from the sun with their feet.

This race was reported by Sir John Mandeville, telling about Ethiopia-  "There are some that have only foot, and yet they run so fast on that one foot that it is a marvel to see them.  That foot is so big that it will cover and shade all the body from the sun."  (Moseley, 1983)

Contrast these to men to an Indian race, reported by Eudoxus, where the men have feet 18- 20 inches long, and the women have tiny feet (the women are called Struthpodes, which comes from the Greek for sparrow-footed.)



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