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Description  Half man, Half goat. Bearded, sometimes with horns or goat's ears.


Features  Prone to drinking, partying and lusting after women. In Greek mythology, the god of the woods, Pan, is a satyr.


Might Actually be  Orangutan
Described by  Pliny- "Among the mountainous districts of the eastern parts of India, in what is called the country of Catharcludi, we find the Satyr, an animal of extraordinary swiftness.  They go sometimes on four feet, and sometimes walk erect; they have, also, the features of a human being."

Isidore of Seville- "The Satyrs are manikins with upturned noses; they have horns on their foreheads, and are goat-footed, such as the one St. Anthony saw in the desert.  And he, being questioned, is said to have answered the servant of God, saying, "I am mortal, one of the inhabitants of the waste, whom the heathen, misled by error, worship as the Fauns and Satyrs.""

Picture of a goat-boy




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